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Albany Paranormal Research Society, also known as APRS, consists of a group of people with a common interest in the Paranormal who are willing to dedicate their time to research, investigate and document paranormal events and phenomena. We are based in Albany, NY and we serve the Capital Region of New York State and beyond.


We are a group of everyday people from various backgrounds and religious beliefs. APRS does not go into an investigation with the sole purpose of “looking for ghost”, we seek ways to debunk or find natural causes for that which the client may be experiencing. We enter the property with respect and confidentiality for the client’s personal information and property.


Our services are performed as a “free” public service to those in need of our investigation services, people who believe they are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. We do not charge for investigations. All team members are responsible for their own cost of equipment, transportation and lodging during an investigation. APRS does accept donations to help support the purchase of new equipment.


APRS also takes pride in setting up public meet-ups to help educate the general public, share experiences, demonstrate equipment and investigation techniques, field trips to local haunted locations, and present the occasional guest speaker. APRS Paranormal-Meetup-of-Albany is sponsored by APRS and is a group local to Albany, NY. This group is opened to the general public...please visit APRS-Paranormal-Meetup-of-Albany


If you are looking for information about our group, equipment or have any paranormal questions, please email us at

As APRS does not charge for our services, we do accept and appreciate donations to help further our research and educational programs.
Sincerest thanks from Albany Paranormal Research Society Inc.

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APRS Meetup
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